Di Più Systems S.r.l., Breganze, Italy

Recovering waste and by-products from industrial production and exploiting them as a resource; reducing volumes and moderating transport and storage costs; recycling waste and making it a precious energy source: these are the needs that led Di Più Systems to develop a complete range of briquetting presses and, in thirty years' experience, to acquire the technological and design know-how that has made it one of the leaders in its category at world level. Sawdust, agricultural process residues, waste from polymer materials, scrap and sludges from machining metals and more, are some of the materials that can be processed with the Brik, Metalbrik, Sludgebrik and Oleobrik series of briquetting presses.

Brik 90 | Primer linija za briketiranje biomase

Linija za briketiranje, sestavljena iz dozirnega sislosa, ki polni briketirko Brik 90. Briketi potujejo po 18 metrskem kanalu za ohlajevanje. Žaga reže brikete na želeno dolžino. Naprava na slikah ima zmogljivost briketiranja 1,5 tone na uro. Material sestavljajo mešani ostanki trdega lesa, pridobljenega iz zdrobljenih vej in debel.


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